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Cleanup Projects

Face it - Poor cabling can cost of you money.  Telephone backboards and Data closets have other names like "Messy Wire Room" and "Mop Closet".  When your wires become out of control call us and we will take care of them.  We take pride in our cables by making them neat and orderly.

So if your "Crazy Wire Room" is out of hand and needs some professional attention, call the experts.  We will help you make sense of your cables by organizing and properly dressing them.  And don't forget about the labeling.  No closet is complete without a clear and usable numbering system.

Do you have a stack of equipment that beeps all the time.  It could just be a battery backup that quit working. The beep is a warning that your systems may go down should you loose power.  You may have already purchased a replacement battery backup but realize that there a lot of wires and you don't want to mess anything up.  We would be happy to install it for you.  And, we work after hours too.  

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