Security Cameras

Monitor your assets with an automated surveillance system

If you ever considered new security cameras for your business, you probably felt overwhelmed by the volume of options on the market. In addition to brand, price, and resolution, there are also many technical aspects you need to consider. Solutions2 has expertise with all top-of-the-line security cameras and we can help you find the model that fits your company best.

Once you’ve found the right model, we’ll install it quickly and efficiently around your premises, but our services don’t stop there. Our technicians also test your cameras and control equipment to ensure the footage is properly recorded. Being able to monitor your property 24/7 will provide security and peace of mind you can promote to your customers, partners, and employees.

What’s included in our security camera installation:

  • A site assessment to determine areas of coverage
  • A project proposal that includes parts, labor, and chosen security camera
  • Site preparation prior to installation
  • Camera installation, testing, and cleaning up
  • Training sessions on security camera management

We offer a wide selection of business phones from reputable manufacturers