Telephone Systems

Improve communications with cost-saving cloud-based phone systems

Many of our clients are looking to move away from traditional landline telephones, but don’t have the expertise to choose and install a new system. So they turn to Solutions2’s cloud phone specialists for advice and support. Whether you decide to implement Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony or a hosted PBX system, our licensed technicians can get the job done on budget, on time.

We know that a reliable telephone system is built on a solid communication network, so we perform every installation with utmost attention to detail. Our technicians have extensive experience in fiber optic and internet cabling. Every component is placed in a precise order and organized carefully to ensure your new phones run dependably for years to come.

What’s included in our telephone system cabling services:

  • A comprehensive site inspection
  • Evaluation of your telephone system requirements
  • Vendor selection and negotiation
  • Installation, testing, and site cleanup

We offer a wide selection of business phones from reputable manufacturers